Critical Thinking Tool

The Critical Research/Action Thinking Tool is a summary of a series of conversation 1to1 has been having within itself and our collaborators on what critical questions we should be asking ourselves and our partners when starting socio-technical projects.

The tool is meant to assist in the early phases of starting a project, and proposes a set of self critical questions based on intent, capacity, positionality and criticality.

The tool is still under development, if you would like to join the project contact us to get involved.

Tool Development

The tool was initiated from a workshop colloboration with Orli Setton, Olwethu Jack, Simnikiwe Xanga and Melilizwe Gqobo where the team provided a 2 day facilitated workshop experience for a visiting group from Yale’s School of Management under Jessica Helfland’s Design as Utility: Luxury, Waste and Sustainability Practicum.

The workshop sought to make a critical space for local citizen experts to co-produce a set of values and ways of working with visiting international groups that would not be exploitative to the locals or reductive in it’s inquiry.

The early tool was later furthe developed during a collaboration between 1to1 and MIT’s DUSP, with Kate Mytty.