This website aims to serve as both a platform and a resource for designer practitioners working towards spatial justice in the field of spatial re/development in South Africa.

Approaching Spatial Design Practice in South(ern) Africa

This website aims to serve as both a platform and a resource for design practitioners who are working towards spatial justice in South Africa.
It has been designed to convey key concepts quickly, easily, and give access to further resources and perspectives beyond the editor’s views.

Framing Concepts for Just Spatial Design in South(ern) Africa

A combined social & technical service for the development of both an understanding as well as an output…

The unequal distribution or access to resources and/or opportunities based on location

An inclusive framing of a collective built environment design approach to practice...

A concept that fundamentally connects the idea of social justice to urban space

Selected articles from our contributors

The ideas outlined here come from the traditions of architectural training and practice but leave behind the boundaries and titles of the profession, expanding the disciplinary practice of space-making to radically include actors at the grass-roots scale, draw upon diverse social and technical experiences and proactively recognise the power imbalances that undermine the current efforts supporting South Africa’s post-1994 spatial re-development.

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