Just Spatial Design ZA (JSD_ZA) is an initiative that seeks to draw, collect, and share perspectives, resources, and learnings from a diverse network of organisations, practices, students and various other entities and individuals who are working towards Spatial Justice through spatial design in our cities.

JSD_ZA is the current form for this process, and aims to become a larger and more diverse digital support space for design practitioners who are working towards spatial justice in the field of spatial re/development in South Africa.

The platform was originally created as a teaching and reflective writing through 1to1 – Agency of Engagement and various lecturers and students, but is now curated by an independent editorial board. This platform seeks to build a digital space to share and include a diverse set of voices and perspectives on the intersections and overlaps of design, spatial development and spatial justice in South Africa.


JSD_ZA aims to act as both a resource and platform for those working in this sector to share their experiences, pose critical questions or explore early ideas related spatial development practice. It aims to provide an easy-to-access resource for design-based students, practitioners or researchers working in this sector:

  • To provide a platform for spatial design practitioners to share crucial and nuanced perspectives/ideas or provocations in this sector
    • Concepts for Practice
    • Tools/Toolkits
    • Links to other organisations/practices/resources
    • Literature
    • Local & Global Practitioners Profiles
  • To house a testing/thinking/reflecting space for early ideas and perspectives from the contributors (back of house/skunk works)
    • Frame nuanced/niche ideas in this sector
    • Give a platform to emerging voices
    • Create space for new ideas and concepts


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