Neighborhood Builder Programme – Kickstarter Pack

The Neighborhood Kickstarter Pack has been developed by Build a Future and 1to1 – Agency of Engagement to support micro-urban or neighborhood ‘Build’ projects in South African urban neighborhood communities.

kickstarter diagram2

The pack is seen as a tool to support an engaged multi-stakeholder process and designed to work through an ethically reflective and streamline some of the issues related to working socio-technically in South African spatial development practices.

kickstarter diagram

The tool is in its beta stage of development, and is  currently focused on Johannesburg, but being developed for wider distribution and use through iterative action research.

The starter pack aims to act as as a kit of tools for changemakers in neighbourhood to use when planning and co-developing their project brief with internal members and socio-tethnical supprot and attempt budget requirements and develop funding proposals to establish their projects.

kickstarter diagram11

The resources herein serve as a basic set of tools to guide the process towards well-planned, well-supported build projects, ensuring maximum likelihood of success and maximum buy in from a variety of stakeholders.

There may be additional information not explicitly asked for in this resource pack, that should be added to the funding pack – the output of this, the starter pack.
In this pack you will find:

  • A checklist for determining some details about your project
  • A budget template to determine what your project will cost
  • A template to use to write a funding proposal
kickstarter diagram3

Please contact 1to1 – Agency of Engagement HERE if you wish to join the development of this tool.