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No Such thing as a Community Centre – Workshops

The first workshop which was funded by the CTIN grant received by 1to1, served our needs to facilitate a shared learning experience between our researchers, who we identified via a social media call and by reaching out to youth activists in our network.  We hosted a workshop at the Tshimologong Hub where we unpacked the […]

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On Spatial Practice Language

On ‘Informality’ It is important to understand what is implied by the distinction between formality and informality in the built environment. Government has certain definitions While architects may have other definitions There is a certain attractiveness that some architects tend to see in informality, especially when it speaks to the natural settlement patterns and nuances […]

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Trying to understand Spatial Inequality in South Africa

Image Reference: Davis, R.J. 1981. The model of the apartheid city according to Davies. [online] Workshopping Spatial Inequality in South Africa On 14 February some people* gathered at The Point and discussed some basics around the topic of Spatial Inequality in South Africa. The discussion was mostly anecdotal and involved us sharing our ideas and […]