Thinking Tools

Critical Research Tool

A summary of a series of conversations that 1to1 has been having within itself and our collaborators on what critical questions we should be asking ourselves and our partners when starting socio-technical projects.

Timeline Action Planning Tool

A powerful visual co-planning tool that allows for multiple actors to plan and co-develop a neighbourhood or spatial development project or initiative.

Acting Tools

Codes of engagement

A set of self-questioning guides to how to work in socio-technical spatial development projects co-developed by 1to1 and our collaborators.

UISP roadmap tool

A specific combination tool, training package that supports all actors involved with in-situ informal settlement upgrading processes in South Africa.

Spatial Engagement Tool

A digital projection tool that facilitates spatial planning and analysis for mixed stakeholder groups through a mixed technology approach.

Community Built Resource Value Assessment Tool

This value capture & assessment system was developed through the No Such Thing as A Community Center Project, where 1to1 worked alongside students, grass-roots practitioners to question, assess and co-develop a means of capturing the value of ‘Community Centers’ in South Africa.

Making Tools

Neighbourhood Maker starter pack

A field tool that allows for a quick and clear project identification and development path for neighborhood leaders or residents to start a tactical build project.

Neighborhood Builder App

Currently under development, but is aiming to be a digital tool in support of planning, managing and documenting tactical neighbourhood projects.